Front Desk

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Below is a list of items available to loan from the front desk:

  1. Portable charger with 2 USB ports and built-in mAh battery to charge your phone and tablet anywhere. Compatible with all smartphones, iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets.
  2. USB multi charger, compatible with most smartphones.
  3. Pad locks with 3-digit combination code. Ideal for a variety of applications including suitcases, desk drawers and lockers.
  4. Car battery charger with fully-insulated battery clamps for vehicles up to 2.0L with either lead acid or gel batteries. Charges a 60Ah battery in approx. 15 hours. Not suitable for vehicles with START/STOP technology.
  5. Hydraulic Trolley Jack with 2 tonne lift capability and integral carry handle. Lifting range 14-34cm, sturdy welded construction, smooth hydraulic system, automatic safety overload valve. Available for rental only.
  6. Iron and ironing board available for immediate use. Please do not leave plugged iron unattended.
  7. Defibrillators: located at concierge room beside reception and -2 level in car park area.
  8. Personal items: Vanity Kit, Shoe Polish Kit, Shaving Kit, Sowing Kit, Navy Socks, Navy Blue Tie, Sanitary products, Tights, Deodorant, Hair Gel, Hair Spray and Hair Conditioner.